Ghost Dynamics

Could be potentially interesting, or a disaster like the SimTenero Shape Reprojector.

I’ve had a play some thoughts on this:

While a good idea in principle, its primary magic is the built-in collision detection in DAZ Studio. All this product gives us is a set of shape props that we can move towards a figure with a smoothing modifier, then tell said figure to collide with our shape prop. Those props are hands in various arrangements (fist, finger, two fingers, etc).

This works OK up to a point and on a figure that has or can accept a smoothing modifier (not all geometry is made for that). The other issue is clothing, which already uses this mechanism to avoid poke through. So a shirt can only collide with the figure wearing it, OR the Ghost Dynamics shape, not both.

While we can push two fingers into a figure, or impose a fist shape onto a face, the tolerance of the collision mechanism isn’t made for anything complex. A hand grabbing a shoulder will not impress fully, because at one point the shoulder will start to push out onto the Ghost Dynamic shape. It’s ugly, trust me.

On the plus side, it’s easy and fast to setup, although I wish the developer had set the pivot points to all shape objects to something sensible, rather than “somewhere nearby”, which makes adjusting their respective positions more cumbersome than it should be.

Is it worth the $20 asking price? Hell no! It’s all built into DAZ Studio, including the hand shapes. I got this for $5.99 and I think I might keep it for that price.

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