Digitallab Design Studio

This will make a great work area for the office people at Jefftech. Or so I thought. I can’t get people in and out of this room!

Sadly this set looks much better in the promo renders than it is in reality. The only door in this room is painted on and can’t be opened, nor replaced without ruining the UVs. A real office like this would not have a single door, let alone one that doesn’t open. I’d expect a second exit, like an elevator or bathroom door.

The props can be loaded separately (monitors, coffee mugs, 3D printers, etc), and that’s a really nice touch. The paintings on the walls are all one object (!), so they can’t be moved independently. Windows, air ducts and pretty much everything else is part of a single object called building, hanging lights and paintings are the only other selectable items.

Office chairs, desks monitors and knick knacks can thankfully be moved and selected individually. All in all I’d give this 2 out of 5 stars if that. While I appreciate the attention to detail on the objects, and the layout of this place, functionality for using this as a scene is severely limited. It’s nowhere near worth the asking price of $22. I’m afraid it makes me wonder if the other handsome looking sets from the same artists will suffer similar issues.

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