Pose Architect (Series)

One of the coolest tools I’ve bought in years: it’s a set of pose dials to make your figure move into position, grouped by arms, legs, torso etc. The exciting thing is that as one body part is shifted, the centre of balance is maintained so that poses look natural. Worth every penny! It also comes with a tool that lets you extract a regular pose from it for distribution.

It’s another quality product by 3D Universe. There’s an add-on pack with more pose dials available for G3F and G8F, and a version for males. While the G3F version could be used to extract regular poses so they can be applied to all other generations, it might be handy to have the dials available for all figures. Next on my list of things to try is the G3F add-on pack.

I currently have the following products in the series:

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