i13 Executive Environment Bundle

This bundle contains an outfit for G3F, poses for G3 male and female, and a beautiful set of offices with a meeting room. This will make an excellent addition to some part of Jefftech.

Thoughts on the Office Set

It’s a decent enough office entrance area with two reception desks, a storage room and an elevator entrance. There are two offices behind glass, one of which is a meeting room. There’s no outside provided, but the scene comes with a ready to render HDRI and light preset for nice results out of the box. About 14 camera presets can be selected for instant previews.

The set itself is much smaller than I had assumed. The storage area is a nice touch, but it’s probably too small and tight to have significant scenes play out. Not much detail going on there, other than untextured boxes on untextured shelves.

There’s a somewhat awkward dead opposite the second reception desk, as if a door should lead somewhere else (but does not). The office default logo selectable and easily replaceable. The elevator is a nice touch, but the doors are not selectable or closable. Could be fixed with a quick morph I guess (doors are part of the wall).

All in all very usable, and I’m happy with my purchase.

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